A Fragment of Stories II "Dear who ever is reading this" (Submitted by MARYJANE)


Dear Who Ever is Reading This,

Anak ka ng te-teng!  That felt good typing it out. I'm famished at this very instance, I'd like to eat a whole tinolang-manok, so craving for it.

Anyway, I'm not going to write about that starving feeling I'm so having at this very moment.

Okay, so I was persuaded to change my profile picture on this online social networking popularly called Facebook. I didn't really wanted but he insisted and I just played along. So there it is, my face and his face cuddling so close photograph from a mirror reflection.

Comes the best part is, some people react and ask (which I would like to avoid at all cost). Are you guys back together? How sweet! Are what I get, and I try to make up excuses about it. I feel bad telling half truth half lies, I don't have definite answer to what I actually want out of this me and him, or us.

Dirty truth of the matter is... we are back together, but I don't like it to be publicly known because it's complicated (I'm complicated in a sense).  I'm just playing along with it for now, waiting for the right moment to kill and destroy (Muahaha!) Now I feel like an evil woman waiting to devour her prey, dammit!

Enough of that, I wanna be nice.... sincerely. But I'm not I only look nice and weak, what you see is not what you think it is. I seriously don't like anyone knowing who I am. And so I put on a poker face most of the time. I wish I'm as visible as my other friends are, but that's hard work for me. I could die trying to be that. And that wouldn't be me after all.

Moving on with that profile picture issue. There is this guy I fancy since the beginning of my colleges years and we've become friends until this moment. There are times we would flirt with one another. Divine intervention I've tried meeting with him after our last in 2007 and failed twice already. Why oh why..?!? I don't understand why either. Too many things going on with me, I think.

My point is... I don't want him to see that I'm mushy mushy with someone else, haha! I'm still hoping to see him one day. I feel bad.... I think, no, not really. I can actually admit to myself I like him! There it goes, so relieved!

Dream on to myself I got a boyfriend already, and who's... kinda confused with his life. Oh hell, I think I'd still wait for him.

Sincerely Yours,

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